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The year is 1961.  In Ireland, things are bleak. The Catholic Church rules the lives of ordinary people. There is no compassion for sins involving sex. Unmarried girls who 'fall' are driven to desperate measures. Everyone knows someone who 'got into trouble' and the consequences. In the sewing factory, the girls try to forget. They laugh, worship Elvis and dream of films, pop music, fashion and happy-ever-after.

A new girl appears in the factory, desperate for a job. Pregnant and alone, the girl hides her condition. She wants to keep her child.  A staunch supporter of the  "Mother and child" homes where a girl is hidden until she gives birth, the local Priest is adamant that the only possibility is to repent and surrender the child for adoption. As the women discover that they have a pregnant runaway amongst them, they are forced to take sides. Will they risk everything to protect the girl, or will they be forced to surrender her to her fate?

Starring Gary Bell, Marnie Crossen, Arielle Davidsohn, Francesca Ferrara, McKerrin Kelly, Saxon Jones, Lenne Klingaman, Christine Quigless, Katie Savoy, Laurie Wendorf

Playwright: Fionnuala Kenny

Director:  Sal Romeo

Executive Producers: Kurt Swanson & Marc Haupert of SST

Producers: Christian Kennedy, Fionnuala Kenny, Sal Romeo

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A sampling of some of our past successes:

Welcome to the “legacy site” of SST Productions

Here you can view our theatrical work and history of productions since 2007/8.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in partnering on exceptional theatrical experiences in LA or elsewhere!

For several years, SST has broadened its management support for nonprofits beyond theatre arts to encompass all types of nonprofits:

In addition to the production of unique and compelling theatrical productions here and abroad, SST has expanded its mission to support nonprofit endeavors of all kinds through a new service line dubbed, “SST Nonprofit Services.” The first offerings of SST Nonprofit Services were two distinct supports for small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations: NonprofitBackOffice.NET and Most recently, “Nonprofit First Aid” has been added as a quick intervention for organizations with timely operational challenges.

NonprofitBackOffice provides specialty administrative “back office” support for organizations with a special time-limited need, to save the costly process of adding permanent staffing and to access high level expertise appropriate to the task.  

FindALeader offers support to boards of directors who have determined that they will be conducing their own search for a new President, CEO or Executive Director.  It also supports CEO’s in their search for a new CFO, CIO, COO or other senior positions.

With access to expert employment resources and certified HR capacity, FindALeader supports your search to make the best hire in the most cost-effective way.

By conserving resources while being able to focus on a

well articulated process, you best serve your public benefit mission.

Click the logo at right to check out our new  websites for information

on these services, and come back here for upcoming

announcements of future theatrical productions.  Thanks!