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SST Productions

SST Productions’ IRS identification number is 26-1419204

Who we are and why we are

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SST Productions, Inc. is governed by a hard working Board of Directors who provide governance and direction, and endeavor to bring the best of performing arts productions to audiences around the world, facilitate cultural exchange, and improve the nonprofit sector.

Board of Directors:

Marc W. Haupert, President

Hon. Mark Frazin, Vice President

Colette Freedman, Treasurer

Kurt J. Swanson Managing Artistic Director

Alan Friedenthal

Sal Romeo

Susan Ziegler

The critics have spoken, about SST Produced plays:
“This is the kind of theater the community should support.”

The mission of SST Productions is to produce and present theatrical and performing arts events that stimulate thought, and entertain and challenge audiences, and to empower nonprofits of all kinds to excel in their efficiency and leadership. We present topical, relevant works that are created and performed by the most talented and internationally diverse teams of artists available.  We also undertake projects that utilize arts for societal benefit, and our most recent expansion provides administrative support to nonprofits of all types..

Our Theatrical Niche:  SST, as an independent producing organization without a standing ensemble, assembles appropriate teams for each performing arts endeavor; utilizing artists who may or may not be part of other companies or ensembles.  We feel that this approach provides a distinction that will continue to attract audience and critical respect for its unrestrained creativity and collaboration.  With an active link to and from the UK and Europe, we include international performers among our featured artists.

An important element of its programming is the use of arts activities to improve the condition of identified populations in need. Among projects being considered are those that utilize the medium of theatre to have an impact on the development of at-risk youth, particularly those within the Los Angeles dependency and delinquency court systems.

Venues - Performances will be presented in Los Angeles, as a touring production, or in other cities or countries that host such performances.  The primary performance venue is the Sidewalk Studio Theatre, which is an inviting, intimate space located at 4150 Riverside Drive, in Burbank, CA.  The organization will also mount productions at other facilities in the Los Angeles area or elsewhere. When possible, the organization will attempt to “export” its productions to wider audiences at festivals and/or other performance spaces, in order to share our productions with other communities, cultures and countries. Likewise, we will bring the best of the world’s performing art to greater Los Angeles.

History - Since its beginnings, the development of original works has been a hallmark of the organization.  Indeed, as many local playwrights will attest, SST has become a safe and nurturing home for projects to be developed in the crowded Los Angeles theatrical milieu, particularly because of the "open architecture" of the organizational structure.  Most small theatre groups in LA are of two types: those endowed by a wealthy individual (usually connected to film or TV), or those that depend on a set coterie of ensemble members, each of whom "buys in" to the group in return for the possibility of being cast in a play.  While either is a reasonable approach to covering finances for the organization, they also have the inevitable effect of limiting the experimental vision to that of the regular participants/funders/founders.

Alternatively, SST's "pan-artistic" and "ecumenical" approach to theatrical development has evidenced itself in stunning ways, including: the resurrection of a '70's era ensemble creation by America's longest continuously operating experimental theatre company (Milwaukee's Theatre X); the script finalization and full production of a play by a noted local playwright/educator that had been workshopped at SST for another local professional ensemble; the completion and full production of six world premieres by three acclaimed local playwrights, not to mention international undertakings.  We also hosted a dozen readings of new plays in our first four seasons.

The future - Theatrical productions will continue, and our new services to nonprofits of all kinds will benefit fellow nonprofits that are working to change the world for the better.

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