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SST is proud to present Tony Tanner's THE LADY WITH THE LITTLE DOG, his musical version of the Chekov short story

It will be staged in the courtyard of the Great Hall in the month of September for two weekends. A reading of this play was done in the Senior Center a couple years ago and was warmly received by both theatre professionals and general public in attendance.

To be shown:


SUNDAY SEP. 11 2ND PERFORMANCE                                    6 P.M.

FRIDAY SEPT.   16TH 3RD PERFORMANCE                           6 P.M.


SUNDAY  SEPTEMBER 18th   5TH  PERFORMANCE               6 P.M.

The piece is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long. No intermission. Original music and arrangements.

It has immense charm, plenty of humor but is serious at heart and ultimately quite moving. The music is traditional musical theatre fare and totally accessible to all age groups.

THE LADY WITH THE LITTLE DOG is a musical adaptation of  a short story by Anton Chekov.   A holiday romance between a married man and a married woman in the resort town of Yalta, an episode taken lightly at the time by the man in question, returns to haunt him on  his return to Moscow. He realizes over time that the woman he treated in cavalier fashion is in fact the great love of his life.  The woman herself had already acknowledged the depth of her feeling for him.   Though hundreds of miles apart the two find ways to spend brief, ecstatic times together until pressure from the woman's husband brings their liaison to an end. Though poignant at times, the story offers great charm and humor in its telling.

This program is presented with the support of the City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission. For more info on WeHo Arts programming please visit or follow via social media @WeHoArts.